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Hardcover: 407 pages

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Newlyweds Dyke and Karen Rhoads; 1986. (Photo courtesy of the Rhoads family.) Burning Rhoads residence, 433 E. Court Street, Paris, Illinois. (Photo courtesy of Paris Beacon-News.) Crime scene photo: Dyke and Karen’s bedroom. (Photo courtesy of 48 Hours.) Family members Tony Rhoads and Andrea Trapp at the gravesite of Dyke and Karen. (Photo courtesy of 48 Hours.)
Eyewitness Darrell Herrington during November 1986 police interview. (Photo courtesy of 48 Hours.) Eyewitness Debbie Reinbolt in 1987. (Photo courtesy of 48 Hours.)   Private Investigator Bill Clutter talking to 48 Hours’ Susan Spencer about the state’s flawed evidence: exhibit #26, the broken lamp(Photo courtesy of 48 Hours.)  E-mail from Captain Steve Fermon to Lt. Col. Diane Carper regarding theclemency petition for Steidl and Whitlock to Governor George Ryan.
Mike Callahan meeting Randy Steidl in October 2007. (Photo courtesy of WCIA-TV, Champaign, Illinois.) Mike Callahan, Lily Callahan and his attorney John Baker walking out of the Federal Court House in Urbana, Illinois after a jury agreed the Illinois State Police violated Callahan’s 1st Amendment rights (April 2005) (Photo courtesy of 48 Hours.)  Mike Callahan meeting Herb Whitlock on the day of his release from prison. (Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune.) Pressure from a forthcoming episode of 48 Hours and rumblings from Private Investigator Bill Clutter caused deep concern within the ISP command as evidenced by this excerpt from Lt. Col. Diane Carper’s staff officer.